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Kerby's Fish is a local to Oregon and Washington, family owned and run business that specializes in bringing fresh seafood straight off the boat to your town or even your house. If you want only fresh premium seafood from someone that you can trust we are your seafood supplier.

Frozen TUNA & SALMON!!!!!
This Friday (12pm - 4pm) October 17
We will be in Lexington (Kelso) off of West Side Hwy
(Clickherefor directions)

Prices are as follows:
FROZENTuna: $2.25 /lb.  OUT
FRESHTuna: $2.75 /lb.   OUT
FROZEN Tuna Loins (Filets) $7.00 /lb.
FROZEN Chinook (King) Salmon: $4.50 /lb.
FROZEN Silver (Coho) Salmon: $3.50 /lb.

*Prices are for WHOLE fish

Come Get your Smoked Albacore Tuna, Salmon & Black Cod!!!!

We Have Fresh Ocean Caught Chinook and Silver
(Coho) Salmon, limited availability come get yours today!

Tuna is here! We will have fresh & frozen Tuna now through the first week of October.  Get your orders in now!

For more information check our calender or contact Kerby directly

We take credit/debit cards!​ (Cash/Check also)

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ​you can find us in a town near you. Check out our calender for upcoming event locations, dates, and what fresh products we will be carrying on the truck.
If you want Kerby's Fish in your town please call/text/email us to let us know where your town or neighborhood is and if you know of a good Location other vendors sell at.